Tis the Season of Indecision

Bach Remedies for Indecision. Photo of a Scleranthus Flower used by Anna Walker of New Forest Bach Remedies to show how Scleranthus can help with indecision
Bach Remedies for Indecision

So, here is a little  seasonal post about Bach Remedies for indecision

Bach Remedies for Indecision. Quote used by Anna Walker of New Forest Bach Remedies to show how Scleranthus will help with indecision


Tis that time of year when decision making seems to come thick and fast. There are presents to be chosen, parties to go to, outfits to be worn, decision to be made about who goes where on what day. Who is going to host Christmas Day?  Is it turkey or goose? Ham or Duck? Should we eat early or wait until later in the day. The lists are endless.  For those who suffer from uncertainty or indecision there is a fab remedy called Scleranthus. All over  Social Media  I see posts about people leaving things until last minute and then rushing at things and being late. I wonder how many of those people have been sat, paralysed by indecision and leaving things until the last minute when they have absolutely no more time left to procrastinate

The other end of the scale

I  have no patience and so I am at the other end of the scale and just want a decision made. Being the hideously organised type  I  book my supermarket delivery slot in October for Christmas Eve. That way I don’t have to waste time or energy in the hideousness that is the Hell of Other People In the Supermarket. All the presents are wrapped and under the tree. The Cranberry sauce is made. The Brandy Butter has been beaten within an inch of its life  and waiting in the fridge. Each year I write a note to myself for next year. Come October 2017 I will find a list of all the things I need to buy. It works for me as I am surrounded by people who are literally paralysed by indecision and so happily sit and let me get on with it.

Scleranthus  goes to a party

The decisions could be big or they could be small. Let me give you an example of how a Scleranthus type would spend their time getting ready for a party: Should I drink or should I drive? Should I call a taxi? Which taxi firm should I choose? Should I get ready now or should I phone the taxi first? Maybe I should have or bath or maybe I should have a shower?  Shall wear trousers or a dress? Which dress should I wear? Is it cold? Should I wear opaque or sheer tights? Which shoes should I choose the red or the black ones? Will I need a coat? Should I take my black or my brown coat

< door bell goes as the taxi is here>

Cue massive panic as our Scleranthus party girl throws on the dress the shoes and coat with only a spare second to run a brush through her hair.

Heaven only help her host when she arrives at the party if she asks her ” What would you like to drink?”

The scleranthus type also experiences extremes of joy or sadness,energy or apathy,pessimism or optimism, laughing or crying. Their conversation can be sometimes erratic, because they tend to jump from one subject to another. They will say things like ” I have  a magpie mind , full of bits and pieces” or ” My moods vary like the restless sea”; ” I am riding the clouds when things go well, and depressed when even the most trivial things go wrong”

Positive aspects from taking the remedy

The positive aspects of taking Scleranthus reflects calmness and determination. Such people are quick to make a decision and prompt in action. They are those who keep their poise and balance under all occasions.

If you are Impatiens type ( like me) then these people are particularly hard to cope with a they are often late and seem ( to us) to spend an inordinate amount of time faffing. When surrounded by Scleranthus types I make sure my Impatiens ( and often Beech ) is in balance and I take a deep breath.

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