Take a deep breath and think positively before you text

So, the other week I took a few hours out to reset  and have some time out ( it was a Saturday after all). When I  turned my phone back on  there was a  barrage of voicemails and text messages. On the face of it, the tone was seemingly inflammatory and I was annoyed. Then, I took a deep breath and stopped getting so defensive. I realised I was merely fuelling the drama. Instead, I re read the text messages and realised that there had been a breakdown in communication between several people. Rather then send an angry text in response, I put my phone down, turned on some music and just headed off to sort out the situation. As I was driving, I decided to send forward some positive intentions. I envisaged the person I had to deal with bathed in a golden light. I then put myself in my golden bubble and I forced a smile on my face. I unclenched my jaw and I started to hum. When I arrived at the location, I had a beaming smile on my face and really positive body language. Within seconds we were laughing and everything was as it should be. Turns out there hadn’t been a problem at all…..lucky then I didn’t make one!

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