Same argument just a different day?

Every feel as though you are having the same argument with the same person but it is just the day that is different? As a Lawyer I used to listen to colleagues repeatedly telling a client the same information and then getting increasingly frustrated when, in their opinion, the client did not understand. Some clients I had to write it down, some clients I had to draw a diagram. If you need to explain the difference between Tenants in Common and Joint Tenants, some times the only way forwards is a picture of a house. Its as simple as that.

Here’s the deal  –  NOT everyone speaks in the same way & not everyone listens in the same way.

Why should you change? Well, quite simply, because you can not change other people but you can change how you react to people.

I am working with a lovely person at the moment and they were having the same old argument every time their spouse arrived home from working away.  Lots of aggression from the spouse and plenty of sadness from the client. We spent a few hours working through a whole range of therapies. We did some NLP, Life Coaching, Reiki and finished it off with some Hypnotherapy. I have received several fantastic messages to confirm that all is now improved in that household. The last one reads ” …had another wonderful evening with my spouse. You are my hero”

Well, I never had that praise as a Solicitor!

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