Non Surgical Face Lifts

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Non Surgical Face LiftSo, I have come out of my 28 day Cleanse Bubble and quite frankly never have I been so happy to see the end of a month. Not only has there been no  alcohol but there has also been quite a lot of month after the last pay day. If you know what I mean?

We have friends visiting for the weekend and we are off for a smart meal on Saturday night. Tomorrow will be a frenzy of tidying and clearing away so today, I booked in a quick Non Surgical Face Lift ( NSFL)  and a manicure. I have been having these NSFL every month since I turned 30 and I just lovely the results. Recently, thanks to turning 40,  I have started to have them more frequently and they definitely keep the sagging at bay.

My Mum got me into these decades ago. A family member had trained in them and once Mum had one she was hooked. They were more the rage  in the days before filler and Botox. I personally can not  bring myself to do Botox so these are my alternative.  I think my Mum looks pretty good for her age and she swears by these facials. I recommend them to all my friends, although most tune out to me these days as I am usually raving or ranting about something. It is worth noting if you  have had Botox, then you can not have a NSFL. Something to do with muscle paralysis.

Take a look at the Caci website  or Bio Therapeutic Website and see if there is someone near you that does them. The price can vary depending on where you are. Out here in the sticks I imagine it is a lot less expensive than up in London.

You need to start off with the probes first and have regular sessions to get you up to speed. Once you are in maintenance mode though you can just have quick top ups and this is what I do. Half an hour every couple of weeks and my therapist throws in a quick Indian Head Massage whilst the mask is on. The Mask does make you resemble something from a Sci Fi Horror film but as no one can see you, frankly who cares? Today I opted for the Collagen Mask and it has worked wonders on the creases on  side of my mouth. Last time, mid cleanse, I had a detox mask and it left me glowing. I don’t recommend a detox mask before  a big event as it can definitely leave you with a few spots if you are that way inclined.


This is me looking very serious post NSFL. I am without make up as I am heading to the gym. You can still see the mark on my forehead from the mask.!

Next time we are going to attack the jowl area with the probes. I saw myself on Face Time recently and recoiled in horror. Hence the probes will be making an appearance.

Let me know how you get on. – Anna x

PS – I have also just received my No Foundation Foundation Serum from Perricone MD as recommend by Anne Marie of Catwalk School Gates so I will be giving that a go and reporting back. Having blogged about Health and a Cleanse for a month, I am desperate for a change. I feel a Make Up and skin care blog coming up……


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