New Shoes

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Recently  I started to have some issues with my posture and I was recommend to stop wearing flat shoes. The list of footwear was clear: Trainers, Fit Flops, Crocs, Heels and Innersoles in flat shoes. If I wanted to wear “flat flat” shoes like ballet pumps then I needed to wear them only briefly.  Yikes. My wardrobe is full of flat pumps. My head hit my desk.

Now, I do not need much encouragement when it comes to shoe shopping. However, finding a pair of trainers that I deemed to be acceptable was tricky. Until about a month ago,  I had a rule about trainers. It was very simple, you wore them for TRAINING . The clue was in the title. Then I espied these. I love them. I may never take them off.

A friend came round for coffee recently and she spotted them on my feet. I could feel her eyes burning into them and I waited in anticipation for the scorn …..” Mmmm she said, they’re actually ok. The gold bit means you can get away with it. Now if you were wearing “trainer trainers,” then we would have to have words” Hah! . I had got away with it.

They had also suggested I wear more heels ( not always practical on the school run) but I needed no excuse to buy these. They are a firm favourite of Anne Marie over at Catwalk School Gates . She did a post about them a while back  and they were on sale at Matches. So I deemed they were “clearly meant to be”.  They truly are the most divine of all heels. You don’t want to be walking far or standing for long in them. I envy people that can wear heels like this for anything longer than 5 minutes. However the minute you put them on you feel as though you should be ordering cocktails, in a bar, with a fur stole around your shoulders.

Gianvito Rossi

Gianvito Rossi – Vamp Boots

FitFlops – now this was going to be harder. FLIP FLOPS I have always struggled with as I don’t like the plastic bit between your toes. However I explored the Fit Flop website and found things had changed.Wow! So many things to choose from. I immediately purchased these mighty sexy slippers for wearing round the house. They are warm and they are a total pleasure to wear. They are not going to set the fashion world on fire, but then I prefer my feet bunion free. Thank you.


The good news is that my back and my feet are pain free. My posture is improving daily and the world is most definitely a better place for new shoes

Love Anna x

P.S. Crocs I have yet to explore…

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