Motivation for a New Year

Bach Remedy Consultations now available by Skype, FaceTime or Email£15 (including postage)I was contacted yesterday  by the parent of an existing client and for the sake of this post, lets call her Fran. Fran has important exams coming up next year which will determine which school she attends. There is no reason why she will not do well, but there is a concern for the lack of motivation that Fran is showing towards her revision.

It did lead me to start thinking about my own  motivation for the upcoming New Year ,the 3 Day Plenish Juice Cleanse, Dry January and my quest to fit into my jeans again!

The Christmas Period can either leave us with a sense of listlessness and apathy -” What’s the point in trying another diet” ” What’s the point of renewing my gym membership” or it can leave use with a  lively interest in life and the world in general. The chance of a new beginning.

In the days and weeks that follow I shall be keeping a close eye on the motivation of myself and those joining me on the January Detox.

There are several key Bach Remedies that spring to mind for the coming days and weeks – Wild Rose, Hornbeam and Olive to name but a few. Each remedy I mix is bespoke for the individual and I am always happy to have a chat on Skype, Face Time or over email and post out a Remedy Mix. Please contact me for details:

Happy New Year – Anna x

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