Lose the Lard!!

I decided in the middle of November that it was time to practise what I preach and shed some fat. There is no hiding it and it is what it is. ” Do these jeans make me look fat?” Reply from the voice inside my head: “No, your fat makes you look fat”

I really was that brutal with myself.

I decided I could do the majority of it myself, but I needed some goals and some support. I enlisted two Personal Trainers that I had worked with before and I set them their task. They rose to the challenge beautifully.I have a flexible work schedule so we worked out a programme that was sustainable and could not be sabotaged. It was realistic and it was doable. It was almost fun at times ( did I really just type that?)
I mix up CV, Weights, Pilates….I pleaded with them to make me lean and not bulky.I train on my own, in classes and twice a week with a Personal Trainer. I exercise in a morning. I get up, put on my gym kit, do the school run and crack on with it. No point in applying makeup and the mirrors in the gym are for checking your posture ( just in case you were wondering)

I also tracked what I ate. I did not calorie count but I did look at the nutritional value of everything ( I am not a nutritionist I hasten to add) .I considered the latest things on my Facebook feed. I looked into ” I Quit Sugar” and the ” Juice Detox” Did I do any of them? No. Why? Because they are not sustainable for my lifestyle and I am blessed in that I do not have any health related diet issues.I took what I wanted from each ” diet” I came across and blended it ( sometimes literally in my Nutribullet) with my life. I have always cooked from scratch so I always know what I am eating which was a huge help. The sugar content of some foods makes me shudder but that is not for me to discuss here

Yes, there were days when I saved up so I could inhale Champagne ( it was Christmas so please cut me some slack)

Slowly as I felt myself becoming fitter, I felt the energy returning and so it started to become easier. Which was lucky as at one point I felt as though as was wading up hill through treacle. I started working out what food gave me energy to do what I needed to do. Granted I did overdo it on Spinach one day and the less said about that the better.

So, why am I sharing this? Today, one of my lovely ladies measured me. Chest, Waist, Hips, Thighs, Arms ( get those bingo wings) and, bless her, she told me she was really impressed ( not easily earned from this hard core bundle of energy )

10 inches.

10 inches of fat/lard/blubber…call it what you will. Was gone. Dread to think where ( please don’t take me literally)

Its been 7 weeks and I have 10 weeks to go until I need to fit into some snug fitting salopettes and hurl myself down a mountain. I am delighted. I wanted to lose the lard and I have most definitely made a start.

If you are in the same boat, drop me a line. We can do it together.

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