Letting Go

Letting Go or Let it Go keeps appearing in my Facebook Timeline, in The Daily Mail and it was even the theme of the session I ran today.

Letting Go is great. Its the simplest and easiest thing to do, but the trick is, you have to want to do it. Years ago I read a fantastic book by Paul McGee called S.U.M.O. Go and take a search and if you have not already read the book you will giggle at the title.

Some things are harder to let go, and today we also worked on the Root Chakra, the 1st Chakra that grounds us and links us to Mother Earth. People in the group had visions of Africa and very primal images. Africa is like that. They say, once you have the sand of Africa on your feet you can never really shake it off. Africa is the kind of place where you can walk around bare foot and feel as though are you are finally home. I encourage all clients when they first arrive on holiday or in a new place to take off their shoes and really ground themselves into their new environment.

Whilst working with the Root Chakra and doing some guided visualisation the group reported back that they were surprised at the visions they saw and the people and situations they ” let go” of. We always use golden healing light so people can hold onto all that is helpful and healthful but at the same time allowing to release any energy that they no longer need to hold on to.It is done with love and compassion and any voids that are left are gently filled.

I am always fascinated how the people I work with evolve and the layers that are unpeeled. Today I realised that its always important to check in and see what it that needs to be Let Go. New things will surface all the time and that is great, it gives you chance to release and then grow whilst taking the learnings with you.

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