Laundry and Meditating

I loathe laundry. I loathe it in an all consuming way. It is dull, mind numbingly excrutiatingly dull. However, thanks to the Law of Straight Lines that governs my life, I have to do it. So today, I was ruminating on the meaning of people who in Life Coaching I would refer to as ” in time” and ” through time ” ( more about them later) Thich Nhat Hanh writes about the art of meditating whilst doing the simplest of tasks. When you are doing the dishes, just be doing the dishes he extols. Do not be thinking about the cup of tea after the dishes. I know what he is getting at, but as I am folding said laundry, this blog pops into my head and then there is no peace. No living in the moment. No just folding the laundry. Instead I am thinking about typing this post and whilst I am typing this post I am thinking about the fact I need to get ready to go to a meeting.

I am a through time person you see. I am always seeing through the thing I am doing. I am rarely late, I love spreadsheets and planning. Ask in an In Time person to do the laundry and they will hum happily whilst folding T shirts and trousers. They may be late these people, but my they are fun to be with. They love the moment. They live in it. They are creative and visual. I admire them and I want to be just a little bit more “in the moment”. So, I shall be doing laundry and I shall be meditating and I will be learning to love the moment I am in. However, it will take practise and I very much doubt it will be easy!

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