Juice Cleanse – Final Day



Today is the third and last day of the Juice Cleanse.

Day 7 of Dry January and my Wild Nutrition Total Cleanse Programme

Woke up feeling ridiculously energetic and lively. Considering it was still dark outside and the first time I had been dressed before noon since last year, it was nothing short of  a miracle.

No spots. No brain fog ( well no more than usual)

Not missing the caffeine at all.

Met Ness post school run and we compared notes over a tea. I forget what it was now,  but something non caffeine and fairly tasty. Ness doesn’t think she will do a Cleanse again in a hurry. However, we both agreed though that if we fell back into bad habits, this is definitely something worth shaking up the system.  It is great if  you are “…in need of a MOT ” ( Matt Miller – Personal Trainer)

For me it is more of a long term adjustment to lifestyle. I am a great believer in everything in moderation. I  am following the Total Cleanse Programme from Wild Nutrition which will see me looking beyond a short term juice fast.  A very long time ago in a suburb of Sydney, I did a full 28 day Cleanse. They  were drinking Juices way before we were and addressing the whole Heal Yourself attitude. I discovered I had slight i intolerance to dairy which was fine over there, but once back in the UK I slowly slipped back into old  habits. Almond milk was unheard of in Yorkshire in the 90s so I just put up with skimmed milk. I will be interested to see if , as I reintroduce meat and dairy to my diet,  how I feel.

I would definitely do a cleanse again. It is a great way of addressing bad habits and giving the system some love, care and attention. I had no idea how much I was relying on coffee in the morning to wake me up and alcohol in the evening to (seemingly) calm me down.I am definitely not missing the bloating or the lethargy. Plus I have never slept so well. It is a true luxury to have a solid night’s sleep.  I do however miss solid food. I have made a Winter Warming Thai Vegetable Curry ready for tomorrow’s supper and the  smell of it is divine.   I will be having a juice in the morning as I always do anyway and as I made Cashnew Nut M*lk earlier, the temptation to eat a Cashew was ridiculous!

I have had it slightly easier than most as I have used most of my skills as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. I have desensitised myself to help with cravings. I have practised self hypnosis. I have also used Bach Flower remedies to help motivate , deal with negativity and support change. As well as helping to strengthen my will to resist. I planned my time carefully. I booked in  a massage and a facial and I didn’t do any major exercise other than Mat Work Pilates.

I committed to doing this at a time that suited me. I also garnered the support of a friend who is not only incredibly intelligent  but she is also very witty and entertaining. It made the grim bits so much more bearable.

If you do decide you  want to change your attitude to food and exercise and you would like support then I would be delighted to help either in person or via email, telephone, Face TIme or Skpe – please get in touch at newforestlifecoach@gmail.com

The lovely Hannah at Plenish has set up the code ANNAREF10 which is valid for 10% off cleanse programmes from now until the end of January.

Happy Juicing


Disclaimer: Whilst I am passionate about natural health, I am not a medical professional. I am not a Nutritional expert either. This post is for entertainment and educational purposes only.  I am not in anyway remunerated for the products I share. So for the avoidance of doubt this means that none of the above are paying me to say how good they are.

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