Yesterday a good  friend phoned up. She asked what could be done for her fear of riding as it was preventing her from getting out on her horses. She has been riding since  before she could walk and definitely prefers horses to people. So I know that this is a desperate need to get back on a horse.

I suggested she start with  Bach Remedy for a few days and then she could take it from there.

” I need to ask you what kind of fear you have and how you feel. ” I said. There was a pause before she replied ” Errrr it’s  just fear”…..and that is often how it begins.

So gradually she delved and I asked a few questions and she got there. We all struggle with it as some time or another and just as everyone is unique, so is the type of fear. Sometimes the real reason lays dormant for years and have been hidden by a coping strategy. A strategy that served well for a time but now is no longer helping. Bach Remedies seem to creep in the back door with a pair of soft slippers on. They are unassuming and modest. They do their job and they do it without fuss. Some remedies take minutes to work and some take longer. It is rare that I make up the same remedy twice for often the circumstances have changed and therefore so must the remedy.

Bach Remedies for Fear

Bach Remedies for Fear

Fear of a known cause – I am scared of pain, I am frightened of getting fat

Fear of unknown – fear of fear, fear for no apparent reason

Fear of Losing Control – person may storm out of a room and lost their temper

Fear for other people – a mum as she sends her child off for their first day of school

Extreme fear – fear of death, terror

Fear of failure – lack of confidence

Fear for oneself – those who appear self – centred and find it necessary to discuss their own affairs with others

Lack of fear for self – those who have ceased to worry about themselves.

Secret Fear – For those who bear their fear in secret

Fear doesn’t always travel on its own, so for example a child may be fearful of school and lacking in confidence. Therefore you would address the fear and the lack of confidence as well as any other feelings that surrounded it.

Disclaimer: Whilst I am passionate about natural health, I am not a medical professional. . This post is for entertainment and educational purposes only.  Always seek expert advice from a Qualified Bach Practitioner or Medical Practitioner.

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