When a Life Coach has a bad day….

When New Forest Life Coach Anna Walker of New Forest Bach Remedies has a bad day these are a few of the things that cheer her up. Make up, Sparkly earrings and Bach Flower Remedies

Some days its hard to be a Life Coach when you quite frankly don’t feel as if you are managing your own life particularly well. It’s a bit like being a Stylist and being caught with your joggers on and no make up. You get my drift?

The great thing is, that it gives me chance to prove that I practise what I preach

 I know that  from talking to clients and friends many of us wear multiple hats. We are all juggling; families,relationships, careers, work, school runs, food shopping and life.

Some days you just feel utterly overwhelmed with it all and on these days I have two main tools I pull out. My first is Mindfulness. I stop. Literally stop. Stop what I am doing and breathe. If I am in the car I pull over and sit. If I am storming around the office/house, I sit down and breathe. As my old Mentor used to say to me ” Some days my dear we sit and we think. On the other days ……we just sit”

Then, when I have calmed down and stopped doing my headless chicken impression, I find I can now put a name to how I feel. Remember it doesn’t matter how others think you should feel  this is about YOU and how YOU feel RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT

Here’s how it can go with  emotions

” I feel totally overwhelmed with all I have to do and I am really annoyed at other people changing my plans”. Straight away I would turn to Elm for the feeling of being overwhelmed. Then I would look at the annoyance. This is classic impatience and frustration on my part and a on this occasion a total intolerance for others. So, back I go to my old friends Oak, Impatiens and Beech

I will also be popping some Walnut in there for  protection from the influence of others

Having caught the bad ” moment” quickly enough and redressed the balance I find that what could have been a bad day, actually just turns into a bad few hours. Once the balance is redressed you once again feel like putting on your makeup and sparkly earrings and facing the world. I could have posted some pictures of the beautiful flowers that are Elm, Impatiens, Beech and Walnut but instead I thought I would share some of the make up that makes me sparkle, when I least feel like it!

If situations are allowed to fester they can cause issues that run far deeper and that really is the key. The moment you feel you are out of balance that is when it is  vital to do something about it.

I am lucky, I have all Dr Bach’s 38 Flower Remedies at my disposal. I am always happy to pop some in the post if anyone feels they need a little bit of sparkle and balance putting back in their day. Drop me a line newforestlifecoach@gmail.com

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