Day 6 – 2 days of Juice Cleanse

Day 6

The Plenish Juice Cleanse arrived a day early on Tuesday,  as did Ness’s and so we decided we would just get on with it.

Plenish Arrival Photos

The bottles arrived labelled with numbers 1 -6 and a manual which details  when to take them. I had chosen to try each level, the idea being that I would do Level 2 first followed by Level 3 and then Level 1 on the final day. However there was no information as to what   which belonged to which level.  Juice No 6 is the Build one and that is common to all 3 levels but the rest I had to work out from the photographs on the website. As a result I have accidentally drank the wrong No2 on the wrong day . I did email Plenish to ask them if there was a print out I could stick to the fridge. At the time of writing I have not had a response from Plenish. They did respond to my Instagram post but not specifically as to the question I raised. It was a lovely supportive message though and I guess they are fairly busy this time of year. I also await hearing from them as to any Discount Codes. If you are thinking of doing a Plenish Cleanse, then do please get in touch – 

I have been taking Wild Nutrition Supplements since last year. I unfortunately missed a talk that Henrietta Norton did at Limewood, but I was able to gather from those that attended that she knew what she was talking about.  I ordered their Total Cleanse Programme and was delighted they arrived the same day as the  Plenish cleanse. Super swift delivery from the Wild Nutrition Team. Thank you. As the Plenish Cleanse is just  for 3 days I am drawing heavily on the information supplied with the Programme. There is a very helpful guide which details what you should be doing each day of the 28 Cleanse and there are some lovely recipes on their website.The lovely people from Wild Nutrition are offering a 20% discount until the end of January using code WNE1.


Plenish Build Photo

Juice Number 6 @ 8 pm ( my least favourite in the taste department)

I was late on Tuesday  with my  final juice (number 6) thanks to a little trip to see Cinderella at the Pantomime. ( Cue – “Oh No You Weren’t” ) The result was I was hungry and ridiculously short tempered. 2 hours sat surrounded by chocolate and ice cream was bearable but a long ( ish) drive back with a tetchy and over tired child was too much and I finally snapped. I was sent to a dark room to have a lie down and the rest of the house scattered. So, plan your day wisely. Do not try to do too much. I was exhausted by  9pm. I was also very cold and  I retired to bed under several blankets

Ness and I have both suffered with bloating. If you can, stay home and wear comfy clothes. You will find yourself visiting the loo about every 20 minutes, so plan your day wisely. I stayed home ,but Ness visited Moors Valley where there is one Ladies in about a 5 mile radius. I think she regretted that. Hats off to her though for getting out and about. I was like a sloth most of the day.  I also had a terribly stomach ache from about 10am until 5pm but that has thankfully passed.

The other good news is that the fuzzy head and brain fog have FINALLY cleared and today my energy levels have returned. If you have a family to cook for then Ness and I both agree that the 5pm – 8pm slot when you are cooking family tea is torturous. I had exploding Jacket Potatoes today to deal with that added to the excitement. At least they were not staining like the beetroot. The oven clean has been booked .

Exploding Potato

Exploding Potato

I am  now thinking about Post Cleanse and so have made a Vegetable Stock and a Vegetable Soup for the days ahead plus some Almond Butter.  The lovely people at Wild Nutrition have also suggested a few recipes to try. I have ordered everything to arrive on Friday via Ocado so I am not tempted to just go crazy in the aisles.

Tomorrow is the last day and we are both relieved. I am pleased we opted for a 3 day cleanse and not a 5 day one.

One more juice today and I am done. For the first time all day I am clock watching so I am off to have a bath and a soak in Epsom Salt ! Epsom Salt


Disclaimer: Whilst I am passionate about natural health, I am not a medical professional. I am not a Nutrition expert either. This post is for entertainment and educational purposes only.  I am not in anyway remunerated for the products I share. So for the avoidance of doubt this means that none of the above are paying me to say how good they are.

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