Day 4 – Pre Cleanse


Day 4 Pre Cleanse


I can not really start Day 4 without a brief mention of ” Beetroot Soup Day”. For those of you that missed the reason Day 3 silent slunk out the door with its tail between its legs, here it is in all its Beetroot glory. Beetroot Soup

So Day 4 started with realising that most of my newly upholstered chairs have beetroot stains on them ( or stains from clearing up the beetroot) but the good news is that the Nutri Bullet does still work. I have reinstated the Blender for soup making and shall be leaving the Nutri Bullet to juices. NutriBullet

Another great night’s sleep, which is a huge bonus I was not expecting. Proper solid deep sleep, the kind I have not encountered since before children and before being pregnant. Love it. I had enough energy to brave the new release of Les Mills Grit Strength. Thankfully it is only 30 minutes long as it is pure evil. Anything that involves burpees is evil in my opinion. However, it strips fat and gets the body going. No one else is going to look after your body, not your Mum, Partner, PT instructor or best friend. So, I figured I’d  get on with it and get the week off to a flying start. I felt great afterwards but  I doubt I will feel that way tomorrow.

However, before we get all smug, today has been tough. School does not start again  until Thursday and cooking lunch and tea for small people whilst sticking to the pre cleanse has been monumentally hard. Plus I have spots. Apparently that is also a side effect of cleansing and quite frankly it is one that can just move along.

The Plenish book arrived from Amazon  and I positively snatched it out of the delivery driver’s hands. It has already proved to be a very useful book and it was nice to see that Henrietta Norton from Wild Nutrition is one of the experts who makes up  Kara Rosen’s ” Cabinet” of advisors. Talking of which, I ordered my Total  Cleanse pack today. The lovely people from Wild Nutrtition are offering a 20% discount until the end of January using code WNE1.

I am not a Nutritionist but in my work as a Life Coach I see a variety of  clients including those who are fighting cancer and battling with infertility. One of the key things I have learned from them is the importance of  alkalinity in the diet.  It is not for me to explain here ( even if I could) but if you are in either of those categories, then its worth considering. The Plenish book has a brilliant chapter called ” What’s Ailing You” which is definitely worth a read. You should never Cleanse when Pregnant. I am sure that goes without saying but I thought I should reiterate it here. 

I successfully made carrot soup for lunch and Broccoli and Almond Soup for supper ( page 135 of the Plenish Book). The kitchen remained intact, sorry to disappoint if you were hoping for any more pictures of red splattered walls. Interestingly it was my most ” liked” status on both Facebook and Instagram, not sure what that says about Social Media?

My friend Ness messaged me to compare notes on the day. We both agreed it was  hard with children and husbands to feed ( one husband each not multiples – just to clarify). You  have to be monumentally organised so not only do you have to think about what to feed starving children at 5pm but you are also fairly starving yourself at that time. The potato chips I made were beyond tempting and in the end I had to get someone to serve up and I just left the kitchen. The broccoli soup was passable and about 20mins after eating it, the mental fog suddenly lifted. Which is fortunate as I was becoming unbearably grumpy and unable to focus or concentrate.I am finding it difficult to say where the Caffeine Withdrawal ends and the hunger begins. I am looking forward to when  the ” Mental Clarity” returns which, according to  Kara Rosen, will be about Day 3. Not sure I ever had any “Mental Clarity” to start with but there’s always hope.

So, Ness and I have taken our measurements and our juices arrive tomorrow. I am  turning in early as I can not face looking at the beetroot staining and quite frankly I am kn***ered.


Disclaimer: Whilst I am passionate about natural health, I am not a medical professional. I am not a nutritional expert either. This post is for entertainment and educational purposes only.  I am not in anyway remunerated for the products I share. So for the avoidance of doubt this means that none of the above are paying me to say how good they are.

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