Day 1 – Dry January


Happy New Year and here we go….

Day 1 of Dry January started with a little email from PLENISH containing my ” Cleanse Prep Guide”. I read it with my morning coffee, and lo, there under ” Foods to Lose” was caffeine. I drained the cup. It does say minimum of 3 day preparation and if I am starting on Wednesday then technically we could leave the caffeine loss until Saturday. ( Quiet sob)

The Guide comes with a some menu ideas, a link to buy the Recipe Book from Amazon and details of what to eat the day before the cleanse. Given that we are at a Post Christmas Dinner  at Wildwood  and then the Pantomime the day before I start my cleanse, I am already thinking Pizza might not be an option. I have found a Warm Winter Salad in Deliciously Ella which might just do the trick instead.


Popped into the Gym for a quick 30minute Circuits. I did my walking lunges three times passed a guy who didn’t appear to be doing much other than staring at his iPhone. Endured a couple of chaps who were doing handstand press ups on the mirrors next to me and making A LOT of noise with weights and grunting. Why do people do that?

Father in Law nearly fainted when I declined a pre lunch drink of fizz.

Had enough energy to take the small person swimming which meant I could enjoy a  ” Love Your Liver” Smoothie – Orange, Grapefruit, Garlic Oil, Avocado, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper and Water for Tea.

Love your Liver Juice

Did eat a few of his spare chips mind. Also,once home, I  did fall over some Toblerone lurking in the chiller drawer of the fridge and it did accidentally make its way into my mouth. Pah.

Mary Berry is now packed away until next Christmas and I have dusted off a few old favourites. Nutribullet do a few really simple soups ” For One” and the ingredients have made their way on to  the shopping list. I have always loved a good list, so I sat with my glass of water ( did miss wine at this point)  jotting down everything I needed before ordering online. Recipe Books


Am now sipping a Deeply Nourishing Spice Tea from Wild Nutrition which I think  may become  a firm favourite in the next few weeks….must buy more lemons!

Anna x

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