If you know exactly what you would like then please do let me know. If you are not sure, then we can discuss your requirements in complete confidence. You may want a specific Therapy or you may wish to try a fusion of several. Whatever you choose is absolutely fine. I offer a Complimentary Introductory 20minute Telephone Consultation in which we can discuss your requirements.

Initial Consultations of 90mins are £75

Follow up Consultations of 60mins are £55

All Bach Consultations include a Personal Mix for you to take home. Telephone/Email/Skype Consultations are also available.

Bach Consultation

Each Client must be responsible for their health. They must take ownership for their own illness. My role of a Practitioner in a consultation is only to assist you, the client, in helping yourself.   In a consultation I am there to aid you in your own healing. I will explain how Dr Bach’s system of healing is a method of self- help and self – discover. I will not prescribe but I will teach you how to use the Bach System. There will not be at typical “Doctor – Patient” relationship as I am not a Doctor. There should be an equal relationship with mutual respect for each other. You will be encouraged to feel   confident about choosing the remedies and you should know that the  use of the remedies is accessible to all.

At all times we must remember that true healing is about the balance of the body, mind and soul and as a Practitioner I am conscious  that this can only be done by the client themselves. I am only here to gently guide and assist. I am also here to offer encouragement and support to help you work through the healing process. I will also remind you how far you have come in improving the balance in your  life.

If you are unable to cover this cost please still do contact me. Once a month I run a discounted session for people who need support but are unable, at this stage, to cover the costs financially.