Cleanse & Detox


I have been debating doing another 3 day detox/cleanse/juice thing since I discovered my jeans no longer did up.

Since I started juicing 3 years ago, I am amazed at all the different products on the market. I used to have juicer that required more care and attention than a new born child and created about as much mess. Now I just use a NutiBullet for my daily juice. For ultimate ease you can now pick up the phone, speak to someone as lovely as Amanda from Plenish and its done.

A friend is doing this one with me, although she is going to give Fuel Station a go as it contains soups . Not sure I fancied soups but I might feel differently on Day 2. We will be starting once the small people are back at school in a week or so. Our alternative option was, as my friend put it: ” to staple our mouths shut”

I am also going to be backing it up with a Wild Nutrition Total Cleanse Box Set and their recipes for the days that follow.

There is a huge amount of debate about juicing, fasting, detoxing and cleansing and I acknowledge that everyone has an opinion. However, I am looking forward to seeing what happens over the next month .

We shall be taking measurements and weighing ourselves ( not a fan of the whole scales thing and in fact I need to buy a set!)

Now I am off to squeeze myself into something that fits….

Disclaimer: Whilst I am passionate about natural health, I am not a medical professional. I am not a nutritionist either. This post is for entertainment and educational purposes only.  I am not in anyway remunerated for the products I share. So for the avoidance of doubt this means that none of the above are paying me to say how good they are.

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