Body Language and its effects

I use body language a lot in my work. I don’t seek it out, I just notice it and add it to my  diagnosis and my notes. Some days this crosses over into my private life.  The other morning I noticed a friend walking in what could only be described as dejected hopelessness. I asked her how she was and she explained how fed up she was that her house was in turmoil due to renovation work and she felt silly for being so affected by it. I am always amazed by how people dismiss their feelings and belittle them. I can see how having your house redecorated is really not that serious in the grand scheme of thing, but still, it does warrant some upheaval and distress. People walking with their arms folded, their heads down and their shoulders slumped are a classic sign of someone not really ready to face the world. If you are one of those types, just notice what you are doing. Push your shoulders back, force a smile on  your face and a spring in your step and you will change your mood in an instance. Off you go….

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