Boden – Love it or hate it?

Photo of Blogging Workshop at hero march 2016

So, I went on a Blogging workshop last week. It was awesome . Run by Amanda Start and organised by Hero . I fully intended to make my next blog all tonal and perfect as per her blog – How I got serious with Instagram. I have borrowed Amanda’s photograph for this blog and until I go on their next course ( Learn How to Take Beautiful Photographs), I am hanging my head in shame at just how rubbish mine are.

Today,  I stumbled over a  Boden 20% discount code of 3V3V ( it does not last long so give it a go)

Boden. The staple of the suburban school run Mum. You either love it or you hate it. I used to wear it loads before I had children. Then, when I had children, I stopped, because it became too, well Mumsy. Which just goes to show you that there is totally no logic going on in my brain.

I have bought a few summer bits which I  am hoping do not appear too, well, Boden like.

The temperature managed to make it into double figures so clearly I bought items practical for March ( not). The annoying thing about Boden though is that by the time you want a pair of shorts, they have sold out. Why is that? Are people seriously that organised that they are buying shorts in March? So I am upping my game.

Pretty Broderie Dress – dithered over this in the blue or the white. Love the idea of white but realistically? It would be August before I was brown enough to do it justice and I would no doubt spill a cocktail down it on its first outing. I went for the blue.

Isabelle Skirt – Went for the cream. Not sure. Could be a bit bleugh? I went for regular in the hope it doesn’t look to frumpy.

Denim Shorts – Saw these on someone last year. Looked great. How wrong can you go? Opted for the longer length….for obvious reasons!

Lottie Linen Shorts – Could be shapeless after one wear and resemble a nappy.

Breton Top – I had to buy this in blue and white stripe. I couldn’t resist. Seems the regulars had asked for a longer length and good old Johnnie has obliged. Always useful for those of us over 5’8″ and not wishing to flash anything unsightly when retrieving detritus dropped by a small person on the floor of somewhere public ( you know what I mean)

As usual, all the clothes look young and fresh on the, well, young and fresh models.

Quite how the items will look on a 40 ish peron with pasty white legs and in need of her roots doing is another thing entirely. I shall report back when the postie has been.

What are your thoughts on Boden? Love it or not?

Anna x

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