Bach Flower Remedies – Personal Mixes

Bach Flower Remedies – Personal Mixes

Dr Bach understood that every human being was unique and as such every remedy was unique. He only approved of one pre mix and that was his Crisis Mix which is now called Rescue Remedy. I do not supply pre mixes although you are welcome to select your own remedies from the full 38 in the system and I will make them up for you. Please email me your choices to The cost of a 30ml Personal Mix is £20 ( including Post and Packaging UK only). £15 for collection from our Ringwood Office.

I do not supply premixes because the remedy you may need may not be in the mix. There may also be too many remedies in the bottle and all this does is slow down the ones you actually need. That is why as a Practitioner and during Consultation,  I take so much trouble to select exactly the right remedy.

HOW TO CHOOSE Your Personal Mix:

Pick the remedy that most relates to your feelings and emotional state overall, at the moment.

Try not to focus too much on the Indication but more on the Benefit.

You will only be allowed to add a maximum of 7 remedies to any bottle.  An inappropriate remedy will not hurt or cause adverse reaction. If you choose to add Rescue Remedy to you mix it will count as one remedy. Do not be tempted add it thinking you can add “ more” remedies this way. Rescue Remedy is recommended for a crisis state it is recommended you take it separately to your own personal mix. Remember too many remedies will slow down the ones you actually need.


4 drops, 4 times a day under the tongue or in liquid.
*May be taken more frequently as needed


Organic brandy, spring water, flower essences

*Note: Alcohol-free version substitutes vegetable glycerine for brandy.

Check box for alcohol-free. Please allow additional time for delivery

Please avoid taking more than one personal mix  at a time, as it lessens the effectiveness. (Rescue Remedy is the exception and can be taken at any time.)



Remedy Indication Benefit



Hides problems behind a cheerful face. May suppress discomfort with the aid of heavy drinking, the use of drugs or comfort eating.


Cheerful stemming from a sense of real self-acceptance. Able to accept that life has a less pleasant side. Diplomatic peace makers. Communicate feelings openly

Aspen Fear or anxiety/unknown cause State of inner peace. Desire for adventure and new experiences


Beech Intolerance & criticism of others Tolerance. Sees the good  in others
Centaury Peace keeper/doormat finds it hard to say “ no”. Weak willed. Easily Led Doesn’t deny their own needs. In touch with what they want
Cerato Seek advice and confirmation from others.

“ What do you think”

Trust their own inner wisdom and follow it
Cherry Plum Fear of losing control Calm mind. Able to think rationally
Chestnut Bud Failure to learn from past mistakes See our mistakes and ourselves as others do
Chicory Possessive, over protective. For those whose care for others is self-centred and manipulative. Can also  be good for children who make constant and unreasonable demands for attentions Warm, kind and sensitive to others. Genuine maternal love
Clematis Day Dreamer. Lack of interest in the present Lively interest in the world around. Well grounded
Crab Apple Cleanser. Poor Self Image Positive self-image
Elm Overwhelmed. Taken on too much responsibility Problems seen in perspective. Takes on only as  much as can  cope with
Gentian Discouragement Despondency.  Bit of a setback All difficulties will be overcome in the end
Gorse Hopelessness. Despair. Great for people who need some sunshine in their lives to drive the clouds away. Brighter and happier. Sees the positive side.
Heather Self Pre occupied. Self-Concern Talkative. Drive others away by their extreme neediness. Exaggerate their symptoms Good listener and empathetic
Holly Envious. Jealousy. Feelings of hatred. This is a good remedy for children who are jealous of their siblings.


Genuine pleasure in other people’s success
Honeysuckle Dwells on the past Can move forward in life with no regrets
Hornbeam Monday Morning Feeling. Cannot get motivated Lively mind. Day’s work faced with energy
Impatiens Impatience . Easily irritated. Want everything done instantly Relaxed, good humoured. Cope calmly and diplomatically
Larch Lack of confidence Determined. Capable.
Mimulus Fear of known things.Shy. Timid Quiet courage. Face difficulties with humour and confidence
Mustard Gloom or depression. No known cause Return of joy
Oak Strong people who struggle on even when exhausted. Oak people are nornally strong and possess enormous endurance, persistence, patience and reserves of energy. Oak restores their energy and helps them recognise the need to take time off to relax and look after themselves as well as their duties
Olive Lack of Energy. For those exhausted in body and mind. Exhausted to a point of tears. Restoration of strength. Stop exhausting own reserves
Pine Guilt. Self-Reproach Acceptance and respect of self
Red Chestnut Fear or over-concern for others. Care for others with compassion but without anxiety
Rock Rose Terror and extreme fear Courage and presence of mind. Calm in emergencies
Rock Water Inflexibility. This is for people who set themselves very high standards and may be self-denying. They are self-dominating to a point of self-martyrdom. They seek self-perfection but do not interfere in other people’s lives Inner harmony and allow themselves to flow in life
Scleranthus Inability to choose. Uncertainty and indecisions Certainty and decisiveness


Star of Bethlehem Shock and grief caused by loss. Although ideally taken immediately after the event, it is also excellent for delayed effects which may manifest years after the event in the form of physical symptoms. Comforter and soother of pain and sorrows.
Sweet Chestnut Ultimate despair. Extreme mental anguish Optimism and peace of mind. Faith in a higher power and inner support
Vervain Over enthusiasm Calm, wise, tolerant and able to relax
Vine Assertive. Inflexible. Determination without domination. Inspire others with their confidence and certainty
Walnut Protection against change and outside influences Provides constancy and protection from the influence of others
Water Violet Private, sedate people who are often asked for advice but do not impose their opinions on others. They find it hard to open up to others. They do not lean on others and may be considered emotionally cold Warm relationships. Calm and serene
White Chestnut Unwanted thoughts. Difficulty switching off at night. Mental arguments. Sufferers cannot let go of unhappy events or arguments and keep reliving them mentally. Find it difficult to concentrate during the day. Peace of mind. Worry is replaced  by trust in a positive outcome
Wild Oat Uncertainty about what to do with one’s life. Its for people who have reached a cross roads in life and are completely undecided as to what to do. Wild Oat is helpful in making important decisions such as choosing career. Talents used constructively. No longer give up when bored. Clear picture as to what to do in life, with positive ideas and ambitions, and the ability to decide upon one’s true path.
Wild Rose Resignation. Apathy. Lacking in energy and ambition. A lively interest in life, work and the world in general. Positive Wild Rose people accept responsibility for their own lives and circumstances and use their initiative to make changes.
Willow Self-Pity and Resentment. “I don’t deserve this. Why should it happen to me?” In a negative Willow state the person will begrudge other people’s good luck, health, happiness or success. They may be grumbling, sulky and irritable. Forgive and forget. Neutralises resentment and regains sense of humour and proportion. No longer victims they are in control of their own destiny.
Rescue Remedy* Emergency and Crisis Calm

Contains Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Clematis, Impatiens and Cherry Plum. Can be purchased as a Remedy or can be added to mix. If added to a mix it only counts as one Remedy. Please consider carefully if you need this Remedy adding to a mix as it should only really be taken in a crisis state.