Day 2


Day 2 Started really well. I woke up feeling fairly refreshed,despite a small person finding his way into the bed in the wee small hours. I eschewed my usual coffee and went for hot water with lemon, ginger, cayenne and turmeric. Its a variation of the Deeply Nourishing Spice Tea I mentioned yesterday. I followed this with my usual Green Juice that I have most mornings – Frozen banana, frozen blueberries, frozen spinach, coconut water, spirulina and maca powder. All was well.

Green Juice

I popped into a ( freezing) office to see a client who has been struggling with exam revision. I added some Walnut to  their existing remedy as they expressed some concern  that they worried about what other people would think of them having Hypnotherapy & Coaching. Walnut is a great protector against outside influences.  We also added some Protective Shield work to the session along with the exam preparation.

I currently have Walnut in my remedy, which is proving to me useful against some of the less than supportive comments I have received towards my  Dry January and Detox. Some people have gone out of their way to tell me how much they are enjoying their alcoholic drink and how ” I will never do it”. Once again you have to ask ” Why do people do that?”

Pea soup for lunch and an exciting glass of water. Plus I discovered some Christmas Biscuits that needed eating up before next week….

It was half way through the packing up of the Christmas Decorations when it hit me. Like a train. Caffeine Withdrawal. I Googled it. Of the 15 symptoms listed, I have at least 6. Nice. I most definitely have Brain Fog ( No 13) and writing this is incredibly difficult. Nothing flows as I type and my head aches like nothing I have ever experienced. A giggling bag of monkeys it is not.

My friend Ness who is also doing a Juice Cleanse ( albeit a different one) sent me a message saying ” Just read your blog…are you kidding I really have to give up coffee..” She had no idea about the recommendation to cut out the caffeine. I forwarded her my details and suggested she do Plenish next time. Her next message read ” I have just read the email with the pre cleanse diet. I want to kill myself already”. So, looks like its going really well for Ness then. Luckily she has a wicked sense of humour and is being incredibly supportive. She has agreed to let me chronicle how she gets on with her cleanse which will no doubt be as entertaining as she is.

We were supposed to be out tonight, but lack of baby sitter and my inability to construct a sentence meant we postponed, until February. Plus I definitely have LOTS of Sympton No 3  so I am off to lock myself away somewhere until I can be nice again.



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