New Year’s Resolutions and how to keep them

Photo of a chestnut bud used by Anna Walker of New Forest Bach Remedies in her blog about how to keep New Year's Resolutions and how to break bad habits

New Year’s Resolutions and how to keep them

Happy new year!

It’s that time of year. The one where we set new resolutions, race down the gym, do a juice detox and hope that we can start a fresh. These are all excellent goals as long as you are realistic. I figured I should write a post about New Year resolutions and how to keep them. Top tips and tools to help make the changes.


Let’s take the gym to start with. I avoid it at certain times  January. The car park on a Monday morning from 9am resembles a war zone and that is not for me. The gym equipment is crowded the place is sweaty and teaming with people coughing.  I have to fight the urge to shout : ” Get off your phones and….. by the way the mirrors are for checking  your posture in ..”  Come February it will be back to normal and the classes won’t be overbooked and everything will be calmer.

At our gym there are  lunchtime  classes which tend to be a lot quieter. However, it is vital you either pack your gym kit and leave it where you can see it in the office or, if you work from home PUT YOUR GYM KIT ON IN THE MORNING!!! It will shame you into going. Trust me. I have wiggled out of many a class by ” pretending” to be busy.

Before children I used to go to the gym in the morning when it was quieter. I worked long hours so I found a Pilates class near my office and I would go in my lunch hour and after work When I had a pram to push I would walk for miles with an audiobook on.

Find a way to get moving. Then, think of anyway you might sabotage it, then work around all your devious tricks.

Juice Cleanse

Picture of Plenish Book used by Anna Walker of New Forest Life Coach to show the books she has used in researching the best way of changing eating habits

In a nutshell these are great to identify any bad habits and to break any cycles. Kara Rosen who founded Plenish writes a great introduction in her book which tells how she broke her illness cycle. Just bear in mind that drinking juices for 3 days is not going to change your life. You will feel great but invariably within a week or two you will be a couple of hundred quid poorer and back to your old eating habits. Juice cleanses are best used to kick start something else or, like I did, to be used during a Total Cleanse.

Total Cleanse

Whilst reading the Plenish book I noticed that one of the key contributors was Henrietta Norton who was the brains behind Wild Nutrition.

Picture of the Wild Nutrition Total Cleanse Box recommended by Anna Walker of New Forest Bach Remedies

Last January I did decide to give the Total Cleanse go and I have to say it was a huge success. It was a commitment but I learned some really interesting things about my  eating habits and I was positively glowing at the end of it. Basically in the box you get all the supplements you need to support you through a cleanse. There is a really handy little booklet that takes you through the month telling you what to eat day by day. SoI chose to do  a Plenish Juice on days 3-5 and then I went back to Henrietta’s recommendations for the rest of the month

Side effects

I was slightly shocked to realise how much I was addicted to caffeine. Going without coffee for the first week was fairly hideous and I had a cracking headache for a day or two. I was also very tired for days 2-5 and I remember struggling to get warm. I can recommend warm baths in Epsom Salts and early nights. Don’t plan anything major if you are doing a cleanse.


The good news is that you do slowly start to introduce food back into your diet so by the last week you are eating hearty stews and soups. You pick up some great recipes along the way and your store cupboard and fridge no longer contain a heap of sugar laden rubbish

With a bit of luck you will have changed some bad heating habits and replaced them with some healthier preferences.


Focus on what it is you want to achieve.Write it down. Set some goals.  I wanted to work out if I really had any intolerance and is what I was kidding myself about. Turns out the only thing I am intolerant of is other people and I was seriously kidding myself about how much I drank. I ad thought I was intolerant to diary but it turns out I can tolerate small amounts just not with sugar. I was horrified by how many calories I was consuming in alcohol. All my hard work at the gym was going totally to waste thanks to the wine I was consuming every night. It was a brilliant wake up call for me but not great if you are someone who likes to bury their head in the sand and go into denial.

Louise Parker – Lean for Life

Picture of the Lean for life book by Louise Parker used by Anna Walker of New Forest Bach Remedies as an example of a great book to use for weight loss

I don’t remember when  I discovered Louise Parker and the Lean for Life Book however it has been a breath of fresh air to me. If you don’t already follow her on Instagram then you should. I have never been on a diet in my life and I despair of people that ” go on a diet” only to end up putting on more weight than when they started. The diet that involves buying powders to make into shakes makes me hide my face in my hands and weep.  Diets really do not work. Seriously they do not. Louise says the same thing only she backs it up with a bevvy of facts and impressive research. She has a host of dietitians that she works with so her recipes are sensible, easy and practical. She also has a family, so there can be no excuse that you are too busy.

Picture of the Lean for Life Cookbook by Louise Parker. Used by Anna Walker of New Forest Bach Remedies to illustrate a great cook book

Like the Wonder Woman she is, she has just released a new cook book which is total life saver. Her last book only had  a few recipes in it which were mostly salads and summer based. This new book, has a lot more substantial recipes  for cold wintery evenings. There are quick and easy recipes as well as ones that are great for batch cooking and freezing. There are a two which have immediately caught my eye:  GanGan’s Pot Roast and Grumpa’s Creamy Courgette Dhal which I can not wait to get my teeth into.

start your day well

I always start my day with hot water with juice of a lemon. It is best drunk before you brush your teeth. If you can’t bear it, sweeten it with some organic honey and work on reducing the amount until you can neck it straight.

In her LP’s first book she has a breakfast smoothie which I live off during the week. It is quick and easy to do in the morning before the school run and it contains a shot espresso. Quite frankly it is like nectar of the gods to me. There are other smoothies available but come Monday- Friday I am a One Trick Pony.

It is also important to stay hydrated and eat sensible snacks during the day. Luckily, LP covers all of this. Keep a bottle of water by your desk and just drink it.

I have worked with clients addicted to fizzy caffeine drinks with sweetener. This is a tricky one so I will save it for another day. However, each client has managed to break their addiction so, if this is you, have hope. Interestingly, and this is merely an observation,each client that has kicked the habit, has also found their IBS symptoms have disappeared and they now sleep much better.


You need this to lose weight.  I remember with my first child being utterly exhausted every day from lack of sleep and I lived off coffee and biscuits to try and stay awake. Then ( once breastfeeding was done) I would consume large quantities of alcohol to get to sleep at night. I wondered why I could not shift the last 10 pounds of weight??

  • Don’t drink anything caffeinated after lunch ( Green Tea included)
  • Turn off all electronic devices at 9pm ( LP calls it a Digital Detox)
  • Spend as much as you can afford on a decent mattress. I resisted for 15 years and recently bought a ViSpring Mattress. Not only have my trips to the Osteopath diminished ( at a saving of £80 a month) but my sleep has improved beyond compare.
  • Lay out your gym kit the night before and PUT IT ON in the morning


Quote by Anna Walker of New Forest Life Coach and New Forest Bach Remedies for breaking bad habits and keeping New Year's Resolutions.

Hypnotherapy and coaching

Hypnotherapy and coaching are great ways of changing bad habits. I regularly have clients who come and see me for ” Slimmer Fitter” sessions. They are by no means a quick fix but with the support of a Coach and the added help of Hypnosis the benefits are huge.

I am occasionally asked to do ” Gastric Band” hypnosis and I refuse. A Gastric Band doesn’t change your attitude towards food it just physically stops you from eating. I know of people who have had the surgical procedure and then proceeded to liquidise their calorific curry just to be able to eat it. Rather than filling up on healthy balanced meals I have seen people fill up on syrup laden coffees and biscuits. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the body is going to be starved of the nutrients it needs and all the side effects that come with that. ( Of course this is just a generalisation and for some people it is literally a life saver but it is not those people I am talking about)


Hypnotherapy is a really great tool to have at your disposal. I  encountered it when I used natal hypnotherapy with my first child. I was such a fan that I ended up training to be a hypnotherapist. For some reason it seems to get bad press but to me, I can’t see what there isn’t to love. You get to lie down whilst someone else helps you make the changes you need to make. Simple. Feel free to message me on this one  and in time I will blog more about it.

Bach Remedies

Photo of a Chestnut Bud flower by Anna Walker of New Forest Bach Remedies which the remedy used for helping to learn from past mistakes and move forward to new experiences.

There is remedy that readily spring to mind is Chestnut Bud. It is for those of us who fail to learn the lessons of life and repeat the same mistakes over and over. Whereas one experience would be enough for some, such people find it necessary to have more, sometimes several, before the lesson is learnt.

Picture of the Bach Remedy Chestnut Bud by Anna Walker of New Forest Bach Remedies. This is a great remedy for those that need help breaking patterns and learning from past mistakes

Chestnut bud helps us learn from our experiences, and to see ourselves and our mistakes as others do.

Just for the record I have not received any freebies in relation to the above. This is not a sponsored post.

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